Tina’s Leg Routine

Are you looking to change up your leg routine? If you have trouble developing your hamstrings and glutes without over-developing your quads, then this might be the perfect answer for you.

I’ve been having the same problem since I started training. With my body type and genetics, my quads grow faster than any other muscle group in my lower body, so I’ve been concentrating on working hams and glutes separately in order to emphasize them a bit more.

Below is a leg routine I currently use weekly. The amount of weight you use will depend on your own abilities, but try to stick with the sets and reps as listed:

Butt kickbacks (6 x 20)

Inner adductor and outer abductor (3 x 25)

Lying leg curls – one leg at a time (3 x 20)

Seated leg curls (6 x 20)

Stiff-legged deadlifts with dumbbells (6 x 20)

Wide-stance squats (4 x 15)

Kettlebell squats (4 x 15-20)

Weighted walking lunges (4 rounds)

Stair-stepper cardio (30-45 minutes at level 8-10)

As you can see, this routine has a very heavy emphasis on hamstring and glute development. Remember to focus on driving with your hams or glutes when either one is your focus. Thinking about the specific muscle group will allow you to focus more on it. Give this leg routine a try, and let me know what you think.


Tina Nguyen