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    Omega-3 EPA-DHA Matrix

    • Improve Cardiovascular Health • Promote Weight Loss • Lower Cholesterol

    Increases Cardiovascular Health And Fat Loss

    • 600 mg of Omega-3 per serving (18% EPA, 12% DHA) • Enhance Cardiovascular Health • Promote Fat Loss • Decrease Cortisol Learn More

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    Dominate the Steel – Unleash Your Fury

    • Improve and Intensify workouts

    • Free of banned substances

    • Zero sugars, fillers or carbs

    Fuel the Drive

    • Promotes explosive energy* • Supports repair, recovery and muscle growth* • Better reps and strength gains* • Powerfully strong pre-workout formula*

    Learn More

    Regular Price: MRP Rs. 3,599.00

    You Save: Rs. 720.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,879.00

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  • V-12 With Crea-Charge+

    • Supercharge Workout Intensity Beginning to End*

    • Complete & Full Recovery from Intense Workouts*

    • Ignite Anaerobic & Aerobic Muscle Performance*

    • Electrify the Mind / Muscle connection with your first dose*


    Learn More

    Regular Price: MRP Rs. 2,899.00

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    Special Price Rs. 2,319.00

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  • SAN PH Modified Creatine - 120 Caps

    Key Benefits

    Increase Muscle Strength and Size More Efficiently with PH-Modified Creatine

    750 mg capsule: as effective as 5,000 mg of powder

    No loading phase required

    Complete absorption

    Build strength and muscle*

    Learn More

    Regular Price: MRP Rs. 999.00

    You Save: Rs. 350.00

    Special Price Rs. 649.00

  • 100% Pure Titanium Whey Essential - 5lbs

    Maintain Lean Muscle Tissue* Without Breaking Your Wallet

    20 grams of protein per serving

    Low-fat and low-carb with full flavor

    No amino spiking!

    Pure whey protein matrix for complete absorption*



    Learn More

    Regular Price: MRP Rs. 5,799.00

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    Special Price Rs. 3,399.00

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